What's Your #GoPlanet Resolution?

How are you going to work towards the future you want? By planting trees? Rallying youth for Rio+20? Let the world know with a video!

#GoPlanet Resolutions

How to make your own #GoPlanet Resolution:

  1. Watch our “What’s Your #GOPLANET Resolution?” video on YouTube
  2. Follow this link to post your video response (you may have to sign in to YouTube)
  3. Either choose an existing video from your uploads, or create one on the spot with your webcam!
  4. Make sure your video states your name, your goal, and you finish it off with “Go Planet!”  It only needs to be 10-30 seconds, and it can be as simple or grand as you want, from planting a tree to rallying youth for Rio+20!
  5. Share the video with your friends, and Tweet it using the hashtag #GoPlanet
  6. Welcome to the Planeteer Movement!  You’re one step closer to the future YOU want – Now you just have to work towards your goal!  Be sure to post updates when you make progress!