Youth Blast at Rio 2012

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Cap with Youth Blast Planeteers

Youth Blast 2012 has just wrapped up – and youth representatives from around the world have solidified their positions on sustainable development for the coming Earth Summit conferences!  While I’m not personally fortunate enough to be in Rio myself right now, I’ve been tracking down the latest and greatest info so you can get connected with the folks on the ground in Rio!

First, a bit about what Youth Blast is – from lathamsa at Global Conversations:

One very exciting part of the RIO+20 experience is the Conference of Youth for RIO+20 (also called the YOUTH BLAST) that started June 7 and goes until June 12. June 7-8 was for Brazilian youth only, and June 10-12 is for international youth. The goal of the international section of Youth Blast is “strategizing young people’s engagement with the remaining segments of the preparatory process and the conference itself. It will have capacity building workshops, introductions to policy and consultations on existing lobby points…This is an event organized, run and held by young people for young people.”

Here’s a personal experience from SustainUS’s Hannah Freedman:

Five women, seated on the floor, leaned closer to hear. Though we had come to Rio+20 from different continents, our understanding and empathy grew as we realized how similar our issues are. A cooperative founded by village women distributed unique Moroccan oil and ensured that the profits remained in the community. The South African woman immediately piped up, sharing a situation in Mozambique that could benefit from a similar design. Business cards were exchanged, and I realized the same communication has been replicated thousands of times during these two days of Youth Blast.

You can read the rest of her blog on SustainUS’s website.  Other notables (whether on the ground in Rio or remotely reporting) to follow include:

Even Captain Planet got in on the action, appearing (and apparently being a huge hit) with the group of youth!  Seeing the reactions to worldwide youth and how the series inspired them is a great motivator for the Planeteer Movement.

And finally, we’ll leave you with a message captured from Captain Planet co-creator Barbara Pyle at Youth Blast 2012:

The Power Is Yours!  Check out Youth Blast’s website for even more info and updates!